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i watched you try

on your wedding dress today

the traditional white

instead of our red

breathtaking, a vision

you were something

to be envied.

besides your curves,

long black hair,

petite figure,

you looked down

quickly before turning

your eyes on me,

hopeful yet scared

and when i told you

you looked beautiful,

like a bride i’ve never

seen before

the shy smile didn’t fit

your profile but it was

a mirror of my pride.

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baby don’t cry
you’ll mess up
your perfectly applied
dior mascara
does leave the
prettiest of tear
stained streaks
and the way your
eyeliner smudges
in the corner
makes you look
like a fallen angel
but don’t. here’s a tissue
to catch those strays
put on that lipstick
i love
you know
that red one from mac
my perfect angel.

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i took my feet
along a stoney path
where i met
a lifeless bird
scared i was
for a reason i
did not yet know
sad i was
for a life taken
mad i was
for every single person
who walked past it
like i did
worried about their
own emotions.

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aching feet
blurred eyeliner
faded lipstick
dried sweat
itchy skin.
pull off my
red stilettos
leave on
my painted
black dress
pull up the covers
and pray
none of this
makes sense in
the morning

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