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but we wait

frigid wisps of breath
hang in the air
dry lips
it’s coming
frail hands, fingers
too weak
to wrap comfort
around those who need
in pain
but we wait
with memories
anchoring fragility
don’t go
our selfishness
cannot handle
but don’t stay
not like this
not in pain
neither is

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stay afloat

talk to me
talk to me
air too thin
veins too hungry
i need another
talk to me
tell me
how you can’t live
without me
wax poetic about
my eyes, my lips,
my ugly personality
fill me up
hot air
so i stay afloat
and not sink
into myself

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last train

bleary eyes
smeared lipstick
promise of forever
hanging on to
the last drop of
pale ale
tastes of bitter
yet we swallow
fingers laced together
as we go
to a place we call

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out palms lay together
fingers without paint
without glitz or glamour
but here you are.
eyes closed, i can count
every single one
dark lashes
against pale honey skin
slightly chapped lips
i want to trace mine
with yours.
roses i laid
between you chest
wither on the floor
forgotten in haste
of needing to make
another memory.
with a word on our tongue
too fragile to speak
too important to neglect.
let it wash over us
as the storm rages
beyond the window pane.

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our game

sometimes i wonder
if it’s time to throw in the towel
between you and i
it’s always and i
forget my gloves at home
every single time
too scared i’ll break something
i can’t fix
i try to dodge
yet somehow a perfect
uppercut lands on my jaw
senses out of order
i want to reach for that towel
so stark, so white
but i grit my teeth
and keep in it
hoping you’ll get tired
of our game

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