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push pull. fall follow

palm to palm
don’t look down
focus on my eyes
i push you fall
i pull you follow
don’t worry about your feet
they know better than you do
trust me
one two one two
beat heavy clinging
to our pores.
there you go
let your hips be guided,
your body loose
there’s nobody here
except the lingering ghosts
of you and i

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evade me

tired eyes yet i won’t
succumb to sleep
not yet not now
a buzz a whirl too many
unfavoured thoughts floating
above the trees amongst the clouds
too far from my reach
so i sit and watch
with tired eyes, restless
as the sun contemplates
going to work this morning
perhaps it could join me,
sitting together and deciding
wasting away.

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i will always remember
the weathered hands
of my mother
a testament of her
strong will hidden
under her timid demeanor
a product of culture
traditions cuffed tight
to her wrists
as she raised six
forever indebted
my mother, my saviour
my woman
weathered hands i will never
let go

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eyes, lined with exhaustion
and pain fail to close,
to find the soul so
desperately desires.
instead they stare into
an abyss as the body
falls weak. yet sleep
won’t come, not when
the storm pushes against
veins, capillaries rushing
with poison. voices sound
distant but close enough
to know you will witness
body growing ill, helpless
yet you are trapped
just as much as i
in your idleness

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