never goodbye, just a smell ya later

when i was five
kindergarten kid 
you were my cool
amazing all star
stars in eyes
some called it
when i thirteen
fresh meat grade eight
you were my hot
popular, “hey have you
met my baby sis” 
my protector, my guidance.
concealed poorly
is my admiration,
respect i have
for you, my sister.
years continued and faded
suddenly no longer 
was i the baby sister
but an equal
you depended on me
let me carry you
when your five inch
stilettos busted
metaphorical or not,
let me wipe away pain
inflected by those who never
so i won’t shed tears
(or try not to)
because this isn’t goodbye
it never is.
it’s a 
“you better have a
grey goose martini ready.”
here’s to you,
my beautiful all star amazing 

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