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step step follow follow

i almost called you
with the need to
remember the way
you used to hold
step step
follow follow
you were the only
one i ever allowed
hold me tight
where you and i end
was unimportant
like the hours they slipped
the music never mattered
as long as
you held me right
I almost called you today
pressing numbers
etched in  my fingertips

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fingernails in your trapezius

thighs burning
mind spinning
i don’t want to let go
fingernails clinging
leaving scars deep
in your trapezius
like the bruises you
trail along my hips
mind not processing
but deep, numb
you don’t say a word
but you don’t
discourage mine
because i cannot hold
back the pleas 
spilling on their own
accord as you
give me back 
my freedom. 

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never good enough anyway

they say you cannot 
hide what resides in the eyes
i never believed 
until i meet you
depths of green
with a tinge of hazel
the only part of you 
that tells your full story
you can put on a smile
upon your painted lips
make your cheeks full
but your eyes never lie
and it kills me to see them
harbouring such sorrow
you will not stop denying
and it kills me that
i cannot reach forward
wipe away the tears yet
to be fallen
because my touch is 
little too feminine
because my touch is 
little too soft
so i remain at a distance
lips twisted in a smile
i cannot feel and tell you
he was never good enough

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