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thank you

hey you

who i once loved

i hope you’re happy

i hope you’re good

but i’m finally ready

ready to say goodbye

for today

for tomorrow

for now


thank you for helping

me become the person

i can truly love

i can be proud of

thank you

for letting me go

when i need to

the most

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tell me

so tell me
my dearest friend
how did we end up here
with miles between us
stretched as long as this silence
filling deep into cracks
i never knew existed
i take the blame
your heart too pure
mine too damaged
to be anything other
than dark fingerprints
against pale skin

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our game

sometimes i wonder
if it’s time to throw in the towel
between you and i
it’s always and i
forget my gloves at home
every single time
too scared i’ll break something
i can’t fix
i try to dodge
yet somehow a perfect
uppercut lands on my jaw
senses out of order
i want to reach for that towel
so stark, so white
but i grit my teeth
and keep in it
hoping you’ll get tired
of our game

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