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let you walk away

light is filtering in
the sun only beating
us by mere minutes
you’re racing
against some clock
i can’t see
but i sit back
sheets pooled just under
my chest
the cold air evident on
my skin
and watch you fight
with yesterday’s clothes
buttons slowly hide
the marks i didn’t
mean to leave on
your pale skin 
fingernails indent
my favorite hip bone
faded teeth just above
your bellybutton 
dressed but perhaps
not fully ready
you climb onto the bed
marred sheets rustling
your face hovers
above mine
glasses framing 
tired but content
ocean blue eyes
press a kiss
against my lips
that doesn’t justify either
of our needs
of our wants
you’re already late
but i let you walk away
let you leave
with my red lipstick
lingering on your cheek
just above yesterday’s stubble

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fingernails in your trapezius

thighs burning
mind spinning
i don’t want to let go
fingernails clinging
leaving scars deep
in your trapezius
like the bruises you
trail along my hips
mind not processing
but deep, numb
you don’t say a word
but you don’t
discourage mine
because i cannot hold
back the pleas 
spilling on their own
accord as you
give me back 
my freedom. 

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cannot remember

i woke up
with the imprint
of your perfect
shaped lips
marked on my wrist
yet i cannot remember
your name.
your lipstick
bright and beautiful
stains pale skin
a reminder of
i cannot remember.
but if I trace over
the mark you left
fingertips numb
i swear I can feel
the ghost of a memory
when you pressed
your lips.
i cannot remember your name
but i remember

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push pull. fall follow

palm to palm
don’t look down
focus on my eyes
i push you fall
i pull you follow
don’t worry about your feet
they know better than you do
trust me
one two one two
beat heavy clinging
to our pores.
there you go
let your hips be guided,
your body loose
there’s nobody here
except the lingering ghosts
of you and i

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